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We can provide bespoke garden lighting design to compliment your exterior features. In the example above, we have used a combination of up and down wall lighting and spike lighting in planter boxes to enhance the terrace. For the central gas fire, we installed the electric ignition/ control system and a gas -safe registered engineer connected the gas supply.

There are a multitude of garden lighting options available for modern home owners. Fortunately, after some years of trying out different products, we have now narrowed down a select few distributors that we use to carry out our installs. We believe this to be beneficial to our customers in helping them choose the right solution that will achieve the desired effect whilst also taking into account a long maintenance-free usage.

We have the experience and the technical knowhow to help you enhance your garden and your home. We are happy to advise on lighting choices, position, the infrastructure needed to run the lighting system and conduct the full installation. We also have established relationships withs garden music system manufacturers.

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